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Tiger Balm White 19g which many of us grew up with. It is often used for headache remedies. Count on this family favorite to soothe a variety of ailments like stuffy nose, flatulence and itch due to insect bites.

  • Headache remedies
  • Relieves stuffy nose, flatulence and itch due to insect bites
  • Fast acting pain-relief properties
  • Made from herbal ingredients
How To Use
  • Gently rub over the affected area to allow its herbal formulation to soothe headaches, stuffy nose and other discomforts quickly and effectively.


  • Mentol BP, Cajuput Oil BPC, Camphor BP, Clove Oil BP, Dementholised Mint Oil BP, Paraffin & Petrolatum BP.


  • For external use only.
  • Do not apply around the eyes, mucous membrane, wounds or inflamed skin.
  • Discontinue use if skin irritation develops. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and any person with allergic reactions to drugs or cosmetics should consult a physician before use.
  • Children should use this product under supervision.
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Dimensions 4.3 × 3 × 4.3 cm


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Tiger Balm White Tiger Balm White 19g