Senokot 3x20sis virtually colon-specific. The active glycosides are protected by a natural sugar moiety which safeguards their transport to the large bowel, where bacterial action breaks the sugar-anthrone bond and releases the active fraction. Peristalsis is then stimulated via the submucosal and myenteric nerve plexuses.

Active Ingredient:

  • Simple constipation, whether self-induced or environmental eg, neglect of the call to stool or poor sanitary conditions.
  • Constipation in old age, especially where maintenance treatment is required.
  • Constipation in pregnancy and the puerperium. Idiopathic slow-transit constipation.
  • Constipation in the irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Conservative treatment of haemorrhoids. Avoidance of straining after surgery and in cerebral and cardiovascular disease.
Dosage/Direction for Use
  • The correct dose is that which gives a comfortable, soft-formed motion.
  • Adults, including Elderly and Children >12 years: 2-4 tabs.
  • Children >6 years: 1-2 tabs.
  • New users should start with the lowest doses and, if necessary, increase it by ½ the initial dose each day until a comfortable formed motion is produced.
  • If no bowel action has occurred after 3 days progressively increased dosage, a further medical examination should be considered.
  • Senokot is best taken as a single dose, at bedtime by adults and in the morning by children.
  • Tablets may be swallowed whole, followed by a drink if desired.
  • There is no indication that dosage need be modified for the elderly.
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