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Mebo ointment is an oil-based herbal paste, purported to be efficacious in managing burn wounds and more commonly used in Asia and the Middle East.


  • Fast healing time
  • Less scar formation
  • Activates regeneration
  • 100% natural with safety validated

Suitable for:

  • First aid care
  • Treatment for all types of burns
  • Treatment for ulcerative wounds eg. diabetic ulcers, bed sores
  • Treatment for trauma wounds

How MEBO works:

  • Naturally “dissolves” (liquefies) the necrotic tissues (dead tissues) without any injury or damage.
  • Activates skin stem cells to achieve all aspect regeneration. -Maintains physiological moist environment to avoid dryness and further injury.
  • Anti-inflammation, pain relieving and anti-infection

Direction of use:

  • Do not use water, normal saline, antibiotics or any disinfectant to clean the wound.
  • Avoid bleeding, secondary injury and dryness.
  • Timely dressing change.
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 15 cm


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