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Lian Hua Qing Wen is traditionally used to reduce body heatiness, relieve cough and phlegm.


  • Does not contains Ephedra
  • Contains 95% Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule ingredients (China version) with additional traditional herbs
  • Registered in National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) in Malaysia

Each 500mg Capsule contains:

  • Fructus Forsythia Suspensa : 59mg,
  • Flos Lonicera Japonica : 59mg
  • Gypsum Fibrosum : 59mg
  • Radix Isatis Indigotica: 59mg
  • Rhizoma Dryopteris Crassirhizoma: 59mg
  • Herba Houttuynia Cordata : 59mg
  • Semen Prunus Armeniaca : 20mg
  • Herba Pogostemon Cablin : 20mg
  • Radix et Rhizoma Rhodiola Crenulata : 20mg,
  • Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhiza Uralensis : 20mg
  • Herba Mosla Chinensis : 18mg
  • Fructus Trichosanthis Kirilowii : 17mg
  • Radix et Rhizoma Aster Tataricus : 17mg
  • Radix et Rhizoma Rheum Palmatum : 12mg
  • Source of capsule: Bovine


  • Adult: Take two capsules each time, 3 times daily after meal.
  • Please consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 7 days.


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