Hurixs Massage Balm is traditionally used for relief of muscular pain, waist and back pain, joints pain and minor swelling.

Ingredient / Content:
  • Rhizoma notopterygium incisum 25g, fructus psoralea corylifolia 10mg, radix panax notoginseng 10mg, radix angelica pubescens 10mg, rhizoma drynaria fortunei 15mg, radix dipsacus asper 10mg, radix achyranthes bidentata 15mg, caulis spatholobus suberectus 10mg, radix saposhnikovia divaricata 15mg, radix angelica dahurica 15mg, fructus foeniculum vulgare 5mg, fructus capsicum annuum 50mg.

How To Use:

  • Apply small amount and massage on affected area 2-3 minutes, 3 times daily.
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Dimensions 6.2 × 4.3 × 5.2 cm


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Hurixs Massage Balm Hurixs Massage Balm 20g


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