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Fucithalmic  eye drops contain an antibiotic (called “fusidic acid”). This antibiotic is used to treat infections on the surface of the eye.


Examples of such infections are:

  • Inflammation of the white of the eye, caused by bacteria (called “conjunctivitis” or “red eye”).
  • Sty (infection of a hair follicle in the eyelid)
  • Inflammation of the eyelid (called “blepharitis”)
  • Inflammation of the cornea, which is the clear area in the centre of the eye. This is called “keratitis” and causes discomfort in the eye.


Direction of use:

  • Open the eye, tilt the head backwards, and look towards the ceiling.
  • Gently pull down the lower eyelid to form a “pouch”.
  • Hold the tube near one eye.
  • Do not let the tip of the tube touch the eyelids or lashes.
  • Squeeze one drop of it into the “pouch”.
  • Repeat for the other eye.
  • Close both eyes briefly.
  • Do not rub the eyes
  • For a short time, do not blink.
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Fucithalmic Eye Drops Fucithalmic Eye Drops 5g