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Folee Portable Phlegm Suction Unit is a portable phlegm suction unit is applicable to suck thick liquid such as pus-blood and phlegm under negative pressure.

  • Oil-free piston pump helps to keep from oil mist pollution.
  • Plastic panel makes it resistant from water erosion.
  • Overflow valve helps to prevent liquid from flowing into pump.
  • Negative pressure is adjustable according to requirements.
  • Small volume and light weight, easy to carry, especially suitable for emergency and doctors going their rounds outsides.

Technical Specifications:

  • Ultimate negative pressure value: ≥0.075MPa
  • Regulating scope of negative pressure: 0.02MPa ~ultimate negative pressure value
  • Air exhausting speed:≥18L/min
  • When storage and transportation temperature is lower than 5℃, the suction unit shall be placed in the place with normal working temperature for over 4 hours before use.
  • To avoid potential electromagnetic interference existing between the equipment and other devices, the suction unit is suggested to be kept away from high frequency equipment.
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 15.0 × 24.0 cm


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Folee Portable Phlegm Suction Unit Folee Portable Phlegm Suction ...