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Cerumol ear drops contain arachis oil (peanut oil) and chlorobutanol. It is used for earwax build-up, to soften and remove a build-up of hardened ear wax.


Direction to use:

  1. Prepare a small pad of cotton wool the size of your thumbnail.
  2. Lie or sit down and tilt your head to the side.
  3. Use the dropper to put 5 drops into your ear canal. Do not push the dropper into your ear.
  4. As the drops enter your ear you may experience a harmless tingling sensation.
  5. Moisten the small pad of cotton wool with Cerumol or smear with petroleum jelly.
  6. Place the cotton wool pad in your ear but do not push it too far into your ear canal. This helps to keep the liquid in your ear canal.
  7. Remove the pad after 1 hour or the next morning.
  8. Repeat twice a day for 3 days if needed.
  9. The loosened wax usually comes out on its own, but if any wax remains, see your doctor.


Should not be used if you have any of the following:

  • A damaged or perforated (burst) ear drum.
  • A sore or inflamed ear.
  • An ear infection or any other ear problem such as itching or eczema.
  • An allergy to peanuts, soy or any ingredients of the drops.
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