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21st Century’s L-Lysine is an amino acid, which are the basic components of proteins synthesized in the body. They are essential in human nutrition. L-Lysine functions as an essential building block of all proteins and promotes tissue repair and production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes.

  • L-Lysine is an essential amino that supports the immune system and helps the body fight stress. But aminos are much more important to overall health than you might realize.
  • As an essential amino acid, L-Lysine is a basic component of proteins synthesized in the body. It is an essential component of human nutrition.
  • L-Lysine functions as an essential building block of all proteins and promotes healthy tissues. 21st Century’s L-Lysine provides 600 mg of this important nutrient for your body.
  • An Essential Amino Acid Which Is Used As A Natural Treatment For Herpes Simplex (E.G Cold Sores And Genital Herpes).
  • It Helps Reduce Duration Of Colds And Flu.


  • One Tablet Daily After Any Meal. Combine with Vitamin C (1000mg a day) for quicker relief.


  • L-Lysine 600mg


  • Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if pregnant, nursing, on medications, have a medical condition or are planning a medical procedure
  • Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if product appears to be tampered with or seal is broken
  • Store at room temperature

No added Sugar, Yeast, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors or Artificial Colors. Gluten Free

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